Sometimes, our head is spinning.
It's time to ground, center, anchor
our roots.

A 22 minutes alchemical meditation.
These meditations assist you in contacting the inner resources you need to inspire and empower you,
heal your habits, your body, and your life. Because they require a deep state of relaxation, they should
never be listened to while driving or performing daily tasks. Instead, gift yourself a time and space to
relax on a sofa or in bed, with a notebook and pen close-by so you can write down the messages
received as soon as you awaken. Ideally these meditations should be an adjunct to sessions with a not
available at the time, it is important to listen to this journey many times. At first you may doze off. Keep
listening on different occasions. Repetition will bring results. Also, there are a number of suggestions on
each recording. Multiple listenings in a deep state bring multiple levels of insight. Not all suggestions will
be relevant to you in the first round. However, during a later listening, it may be this precise element
which proves to be most significant. If repeated listening does not bring the results you are specifically
looking for, a professional session may be advisable to heal any potential subconscious resistance you
are experiencing. Feel free to contact me any time with questions!

CD's come in a beautiful jewel case, $19.50, free shipping within the US.
Downloadable mp3 version are $15, I will send within 24 hours.
They make great gifts and are a
great introduction and invitation to
reclaiming your full life potential...
Also available as a
downloadable mp3
Your creativity is a powerful gift of
inspiration, empowerment of
healing, retrieve it.
A 35 minutes alchemical meditation.
Also available as a
downloadable mp3
An Alchemical meditation especially for
all the women in the world looking to
release performance anxiety around
An Alchemical meditation especially for
our feminine nature in a deeper way so
all the women in the world looking to as
to enjoy a wonderfully delicious
release performance anxiety around
experience... Great in the hour before
meeting your partner, or
Because we all deserve to trust
Also available as a
downloadable mp3
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