Hypnotherapy for Children and Teenagers
Hypnotherapy for Children and Teenagers

Children and adolescents are quite responsive to the
therapeutic modality of hypnotherapy as their intuition
and sensitivity is usually more readily available and less
repressed by their analytical mind.
Most children and teenagers CAN be helped in a

If your child is at least 8 years old, meaning that his
reasoning and cognitive faculties are exercised consciously
so that he can create a conscious agreement between his
analytical mind and his subconscious, he or she can
respond well to this therapy. If your child has learning
impairments, communication difficulties or if he or she
suffers from limiting behaviors (bed wetting, aggressive
behaviors, withdrawal, attention lapses, shyness) or if he
has suffered trauma or you suspect some traumatic event is
affecting him (birth trauma such as blue baby, premature
child, accidents, abuse in the environment), hypnotherapy
can guide him to find resources to heal.  

Teenagers suffering from lack of self-esteem, lack of
motivation or/and purpose, depression and substance abuse
can also find their own resources of empowerment,
self-esteem and motivation through hypnotherapy.

Please call 1+530 277-9513 for information so we can
determine together if this is a good modality for your loved
one. Twenty-three years ago, I worked for several years as
a Montessori teacher and I have extensive experience
working with children and teenagers.

Email me at
agnes@2healyourself.com for
more information or call me at

530 2779513
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