Creativity Recovery
I have quite a number of clients coming for a
session because they would like to manage their
weight better. They often have tried many
things, diet, exercise, pills, hormones, programs
advertised on the Internet and it doesn’t work
so well. Of if they help for a short while, they do
not for a prolonged period of time.
They start eating a lot again, sometimes after
being very strict with themselves. They lose
interest, discipline...
Consistently, when they reach deeper into their
own subconscious during a session, the insight
they get is: “I feel empty, something is missing”.
And consistently, their subconscious mind
suggests gently or demands strongly the rebirth
of their creative self.
I say ”rebirth” because we were all born creative;
remember the sand castles? The drawings of
fairies, dragons and flowers? The making music
with saucepans or jar of beans? The puppets
made of socks and ladles?
But too often, the child’s creative exploration is
greeted with teasing, contempt, impatience,
interdiction (don’t touch this!) or even a dull
insidious cold, flat indifference (mom and dad
are too busy with important matters to pay
attention to kids’ stuff).
Why are so many shopping malls filled with so
many people on week-ends and evening, we
may wonder...
Being creative doesn’t mean being n°1 hit on the
radio or having your paintings in a famous art
gallery. It may, why NOT you? But making a
delicious pecan pie at home, designing your bed
of flowers, making a stool, crocheting a scarf or
singing in your car is equally creative. It’s about
YOUR unique creative expression(s). Your own
expression, involving your heart and spirit, not
something you go buy “made in China”.
Expressing your creativity brings joy, meaning,
and a sense of purpose, focus and pride.
How to find out what makes your spark and
sparkles? When today did you do something fun
and rewarding for YOURSELF, not for your
family or for money?
Your subconscious knows what is is, it even may
be doing NOTHING and watching the sunset for
15 minutes every evening.
Dare to find out, an alchemical hypnotherapy
session will guide you to YOUR answers.