Are you a business person experiencing a career crisis?
An artist stalling on your next step?
An adventurer who no longer finds meaning in the adventure of
Are you conflicted about a decision around your relationship?
Do you have trouble keeping committed to what you want to do?
Are you indecisive?
Have the decision making processes you’ve used failed you?

Then, it may be a good time to experience a very specific method
sometimes referred to as Round Table or Conference Room:
I will guide you through the decision making process in a way that
will consider all sides of yourself. This process is based on the
observation that when we can’t make a decision, it often means
that different voices in ourselves are conflicted.
The Conference Room process enables a dialogue with all the voices
in you that have something to say about the decision or conflict
'on the table'.

Yes, All the voices... those you already know, and other ones that
may have been quieted down, ignored, censured, ridiculed or

Because it takes all sides to be heard for a decision not to be
sabotaged or given up...
This process is equally effectively done in person in my office or
over the phone.  Call me for more information. Complex conflicts
usually require more than one session, and of course, all
information is strictly confidential.
I can help.

"I just returned home yesterday evening.  I spent a few days
driving around reflecting on the session.  It was a great session,
and I look forward to another session down there.

The tepee session was great.

Thanks again for the great session, I really get a lot out of them."

Rich, Washington,
For a free 10 minutes consultation
or to schedule a session, email
or call 530 2779513