In a world where everything gears us to the go-go mode from
morning to evening in order to achieve results as quickly and
efficiently as possible, a world geared towards production and
appearances, many couples are at loss regarding welcoming a
child in their life.

For some, it’s an ‘accident’ to be dealt with and the birth is
expected to be a temporary inconvenience, and is seen as an
interruption to the habitual life style they have become
accustomed too.

For others, it is a magical, divine opportunity to bring
conscious awareness to the dance of souls in the universe.
In the state of hypnosis, you understand deeply what soul
you are meant to attract as your child and connect to that
soul in the etheric dimension, and you also receive
information and a message from a soul waiting to be embodied
and wanting you as a parent.

In the state of hypnosis, you also become aware of any lineage
hindrance that needs to be cleared and healed for you to want
100% to conceive a child with your actual partner, letting go
of fears, feelings if inadequacy, being unprepared and so son.

Many clients who want a child come to see me because it’s not
happening (either as a father or a mother) and it is common to
uncover subconscious fears, traumas, negative core beliefs that
prevent the mother to actually become pregnant. Sometimes, it
can be your own birth trauma as a parent, sometimes there is
a between-lives contract, and sometimes past lives have an
effect. You can find out, it’s safe, magical and very revealing
and the good news is:
You and your companion can heal from anything, provided
you are willing to participate in your healing.
What could be more beautiful than consciously conceiving a
child? Body, mind, soul and spirit aligned purposefully.
Fertility, Conscious Conception and rebirthing
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taking you deep to connect you to
your baby in the womb and guide
you to your miraculous, effortless
The miracle of birth, a journey
. 33
during your pregnancy, with your
companion or alone.
Conscious birthing communion, a
journey taking you deep to
manifest the happy and harmonious
triangle in your family. The
foundation of any healthy human
being is based on the harmonious
triangle of love, support, protection
and nurturing between mother,
father and child. 18 min, listen to
regularly during and
post-pregnancy, with your
companion or alone.
If we disturb the relation between mom and babies at the start, how can we expect a harmonious relationship,
bonding, respect and honor to grow? If we trash the birth process, if we ruin birth how can we get a reward in
civilization? As we treat the babies, the babies will treat the world. Smiling babies have the chance of creating a
smiling society.”
As David, who was a psychologist, author, and pioneer in the field of pre- and perinatal psychology discovered
long ago, hypnotherapy has proven with sufficient evidence that babies can remember their lives in the womb, and
their birth. There are numerous case studies in both of his wonderful books, The mind of your newborn baby and
Windows to the womb.
The good news is that Transformational hypnotherapy enables you not only to recall your life in the womb or
your birth, but also to change the memory stored in your cells associated with a trauma. Some call it rebirthing,
others repatterning. The name is less important than the transformation. The reason our memories have such an
imprint on our present lives is that there is a link in our neurotransmitters to an event, and until we repattern, it
has become in our subconscious a fixed path. For example, I see numerous adults who experienced the trauma of
forceps, feel “forced” into things and rebel against orders and authority. Numerous adults who were born through
caesarians being afraid of being invaded by others, and also not feeling grounded and feeling airy.  I, having been
born premature, used to consistently respond to uncomfortable situations by “I am out of here!” Believe me, this is
not by chance.
Whether you are an adult aiming at changing patterns in your life, a parent with a child labeled with a growing
number of disorders created to prescribe them yet another pill, or an expecting mother, have hope: we can restore
our world one adult at a time, one child at a time, one baby at a time, for an harmonious, loving bonded society.
Through healing what happened and protecting what is to come.
I work with children, women, couples on healing traumas, conscious conception, fertility issues, preparation for
birth and healing birth traumas and all other traumas.
did. It was amazing!! I remember you mentioning that I will be different with
babies after my session and I am happy to report that has happened!! On the day I
arrived back in SG, my best friend's 1.5yr old daughter ran up to me & allowed
me to carry her. That has never happened before and she doesn't typically allow
just anyone to carry her! I am also more feminine now in many ways & have no
issues with putting makeup etc. Hah!... A lot of my friends can't recognize me
too! I feel like the work is still going through my body & it is amazing!! Thank
you so much!!

Joliene, Singapore