The most common cause of Emergency Room visits in America is the
consequence of poor dental care in both adults and children. Most people,
in this part of the world and elsewhere, are quite afraid of a visit to the
If you experience apprehension, fear and reluctance to going to the dentist,
I have good news for you:
Alchemical hypnotherapy can help you.

Hypnodontics is highly successful in helping you:
  • experience more comfort before, during and after your dental visit
  • diminish apprehension, fear and anxiety about dental work
  • reduce and even eliminate nausea, stomach disturbances and gagging
  • remedy negligent dental habits
  • reduce the amount or anesthesia needed
  • numb pain during dental interventions
  • shorten recovery time after surgery

Hypnodontics is a winner: it is safe, requires no pills and is physically non
invasive; it reduces pain, increases your trust in dental work and
willingness to experience it. The use of hypnosis, a state of deep relaxation
that slows down your brain waves is very old, dating back to Ancient
It can be used in preparation for many kinds or medical interventions or
surgeries (
see my own testimonial using hypnosis for broken ankle surgery).

What can you expect?
We determine during the interview the program that is suited to your
situation. Several hypnotherapy sessions will help you heal memories, fears
and apprehensions that may be connected to dental work or medical
intervention in general. I give you tools to relax, let go of tension, stress
and anxiety and help you change the pattern of superfluous pain in your
neuro-transmitters. I record one or several recordings specifically designed
for you that you CAN LISTEN TO DURING your procedure at the dentist
with a small headset. A post-dental procedure session may or may not be
part of your program, depending on your specific situation.
Using hypnosis to care for
your teeth
Call me for a free interview and any
question you may have at (530) 277-9513
link to the download within 12 hours of purchase)

These recording are suited for patients of all ages and consist of 2 tracks. The
first one,
Prepare for the dentist is for you to listen in the previous days or hours
before your dentist visit and will help you relax and let go of apprehension and
tension. It is 15 minutes long and you can listen to it as often as you want (never
while driving).
The second track
At the dentist is 43 minutes long to listen to while your
dentist or hygienist is doing a procedure, with a headset on. If the procedure
was longer than 43 minutes, feel free to play it a second time, my personal
dentist advised me that he tries to not have procedures lasting more than 1.5
Version 1 is accompanied by the soothing babbling sound of a stream.
Version 2 is pure spoken word. $12 online (mp3), $15 at the dentist (CD).

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