Some people believe in past lives, others believe they are utmost
Good news is, as a therapist, my focus is not on belief per se, but on
the healing capacity of any belief.

I am not here to convince anybody either or. There is plenty of
material on the subject, such as Ian Stevenson,
Twenty cases
suggestive of Reincarnation or Kevin Linehan, The past life regression
project - Explorations through Hypnosis or more recently Bryan
Jameison Exploring our Forgotten Live.
I will simply paraphrase two remarkable thinkers, one of which said
something like ‘In order to find out if something is true, you first need
to admit the possibility that It may be true’ and the other ‘There are
two forms of imagination (meaning here fantasy), one to believe that
something unreal is real, the other, most often overlooked, to think
that something real is unreal’.

So when a client who doesn’t ‘believe’ in past lives, regresses
“spontaneously” to a past life when they were a cobbler needing to
repair hundreds of shoes a day to repay a loan and experienced
extreme pain in their hands and arms and understands this is the
cause of their carpal tunnel syndrome in their present life, and when
by healing and changing this memory, their pain level decreases from
7 to 2 on the scale of 1 to 10, I do not need to question. If fantasy
healed my client, or in this case, decreased their pain level
considerably, isn’t it a success?

Past life regressions and between lives therapists such as I use specific
tools and methods to guide our clients to between lives out of the
body connection to Spirit or to the memories of past lives. Clients may
have had glimpses during dreams, even flashes during their days
when presented by similar circumstances (déjà-vu).

My approach is generally to address a client’s present life situation
and issues, including, and that is very important, prenatal life, to find
out the source of a phobia, obsession, complex, block or physical
illness, to name only a few, just because dealing with what is more
immediate first, is likely to produce the most significant therapeutic
effect. But your subconscious knows better, and will bring the
memory of a past life if this past life is the source of a pattern of
attachment (such as an obsession with a person), a pattern of ‘bad
luck’, or a karmic debt needing to be repaid, for example.

Alchemical hypnotherapy‘s unique and highly effective healing
characteristic is the transformation of memories. That’s because our
memories are not ‘facts’ but rather our relationship to ‘facts’
(involving for example our state of empowerment or disempowerment
at the time of an event).

A prospective client asked me a few days ago on the phone to mock up
reliving with them a traumatic event from their teenage years and as I
pointed out the healing would happen not from the reliving per se
but from the changing of the memory, they hang up. Yes,
unfortunately, some people are ‘addicted to their dis-ease’ and a
therapist can only help who wants help.
And if you do, there is an answer, always.