I was encouraged by a close friend to try hypnotherapy
with Anyes and must admit that I was skeptical in the
beginning.  I had one session with Anyes and was
surprised that the recorded session actually put me to
sleep every night.

I then turned to Anyes again for more intensive work
when I went through life altering tragedies in my life.

I went through 6 more sessions of reiki and
hypnotherapy.  I received a tremendous amount of
healing from the sessions and continue to benefit from
the recordings.  

I have been impressed with Anyes not only as a
professional but as a person. I find Anyes
compassionate, sincere and understanding while also
encompassing a great deal of strength especially when
assisting me during encounters with my own demons.  
Not only did she assist me in confronting dark faces but
also helped me to obtain positive forces who brought me
a greater sense of peace, protection and safety that I had
not experienced in a long time.

Dawn, Nevada County
08 17 16

'I was a patient of yours a few years ago and you
helped me through a very hard time in my life. I am
reaching out to you to thank you for truly making an
impact on my journey to well being and supporting me
through my time of need. I still listen to the CDs you
made for me in my times of stress.
The sessions I've had with you helped me understand
how to be calm and free of negative emotions and I am
hoping you would be willing to share some of your
positive energy and motivation with my family
member...' A.R, 20 years old, Grass Valley 06 01 16

Dear Anyes:

It will be a year on June 12, 2016 since our sessions and
I wanted to thank you for helping me start the  
"transformation" into a life of living sober.  I can not
say it has not been a struggle at times but it would not
have possible without your help.

Again, thank you for showing me that I do have the
strength to be on my own and not have to live with a
crutch. Naudice 06 09 16

What an absolute pleasure it was working with you
this morning. I thank you for providing a comfortable
and secure environment, as well as your sincerity
throughout the entirety of our session. I will help
spread the good word about your work, and I am
looking forward to our meeting again in the coming
summer months!
With Much Gratitude,
Connor K. 01 14.16

I met Anyes when I found out I had a degenerative
mitral valve in my heart, and the valve was stage 4 on
a scale of 1 to 4. I just found out at age 50 I would need
to have open heart surgery to repair or replace my
heart valve.  I have the best cardiologist in the world
and he told me this valve could only be fixed
surgically, it is not something that could get better on
its own.  So I was evaluated at UC Davis, and I
qualified for open Heart surgery.  I was going in for an
echo every 3 months with the cardiologist.  We chose to
wait on surgery, because I wasn't having symptoms. I
was determined to not have surgery if possible, so I set
up a phone session with Anyes, and started listening to
my amazing hypnosis daily with my inner guide
sewing up my heart valve with gold thread, and
magical honey bees. I went in 6 months later (August
2014) for my heart echo, and to talk with my
cardiologist about my heart surgery. While the
ultrasound technician was doing my echo, he asked me
why I was there, I told him I was supposed to be getting
open heart surgery to fix my heart valve, and he said
from what he could see, my heart valve was working
great, and a week later I met with my Cardiologist, the
physicians assistant came into the room with a big
smile, and she said my heart valve was actually
getting better, and the doctor didn't need to see me.  
This is something that has never happened, they said i
have less than a 1% chance of it healing on its own.  
My cardiologist said to keep doing whatever I was
doing and to come back in 6 months. I just had my 6
month exam, and the doctor said that we don't need to
have an echo this time, and he will now see me in 6
months (March 2016).  I know without a doubt that the
hypnosis I listen to from Anyes is actually healing my
heart valve.  Anyes is such an amazing, kind and
loving person to work with. I would highly recommend
her to anyone in the some position as me, or anyone
that might need some self help with any aspect of their
lives.  JM, Santa Rosa 12/21/15

Agnes is a very wise woman who is unafraid to go
wherever necessary to assist her clients.  She has
abundant compassion for life’s joys and
difficulties.  Highly recommended. John 01/14

I was suddenly faced with an intense and gripping
phobia which made life unbearable for me. Finding
AnYes was the best thing that could have happened to
me during that time. She accurately identified the
source of my fears, and within a short period of time,
guided me out of it. In a way, she had saved my life.
AnYes is a resilient and gifted healer, who is guided
not only by spiritual wisdom but also a deep love and
dedication to her clients. I am so grateful she is in my
life and heartily recommend her to anyone who is
seeking freedom from fears, anxiety, stress, or a more
fulfilled and peaceful life. I consider AnYes and her
work a gift from God to humanity."

Laura S.  01/13
Yesterday I ran in the Girls on the Run 5K in Yuba
City.  It was my first complete 5K of the century.  I ran
from beginning to end.  It was a very bright and sunny
day.  The route was on city streets, so there was a wide
white shoulder line which I ran on for most of the race.
If the course differed, then there was a white chalk line
to indicate the route.  There were buildings and people
on both sides, of course.  I envisioned strong bright
sparkles coming in and going to all parts of my body
with each inhale.  I envisioned a smokey fog going out
with each exhale.  I also envisioned the shield between
my ribs and navel.  That is where I felt my strong
breathing with each breath.  I also envisioned the
strong armour in the muscles and bones of my legs.  
My legs, lungs, and entire body were strong
throughout the entire race and I felt wonderful at the
end. I felt I was walking in a brightly lit corridor and a
strong message to "follow the path". I could not believe
how our session on Thursday prepared me for the day!
– CES, Yuba City, CA, 12/12

My experience doing a session with Anyes was
profound. She induced me with such ease and comfort
and allowed my inner journey to emerge, guiding me
like a pillar of bright light all the way. I felt guided,
listened to, paced perfectly and highlighted what came
from the session beautifully.
She is a profound healer with an innate ability to stay
in process with you as you enter your inner work. She
creates such profound safety, staying with you every
step of the way. My life has been radically transformed
by her work with me.
Joanie McGovern, San Francisco, July 2012

Anyes is a highly skilled and gifted hypnotherapist;
she has facilitated some of the most powerfully
transformative experiences of my life. In addition to her
high level of skill and expertise using Alchemical
hypnotherapeutic techniques, Anyes clearly has a
strong innate understanding of how to work with the
body as well as the spirit and the mind. Her innate
understanding of the body is a powerful component of
her work, as she is able to intuitively tune in to the
needs of the client which are expressed by the body and
assist the client in the process or release and healing on
a deep level. Anyes, you are such a wonderful and
powerful healer. Working with you has changed my
life. I am very grateful, that I can say. You have taught
me so much. Thank you for everything
Ahimsa Tiana, McKinleyville, June 2012

Anyes, the sound of your voice and tone of your aura
are melodious magical comfort food. I am looking
forward to meeting you more. Beautiful. Kaddy July

When Agnes made my first appointment she asked me
to tell her what my long-term goal was. After much
thought I found that I want balance in my mind,
emotions, body and soul, to be harmonious and healthy.
Through the process I was able to come to terms with
my past and reactions. I was no longer afraid of the
world; I had a new freedom to act instead of always
reacting. It is now several months since our last session
together and the process of healing and renewal is still
opening doors to wonderful new places inside that I
didn’t know existed. I am truly grateful to Agnes for
the love and insight she gave me and helped me to give
myself. Thank you Agnes, this has changed my life."
~Michell Armeanu, 2010

Agnes is a skillful, compassionate and Spirit-guided
therapist, who has ushered me though several dark
passages into liberation.  Her clarity and tenacity to
getting to the core of the issue during the interview
paves the way for a very focused and productive
session.  Perhaps one of her most lasting gifts to any
client is her ability to set a powerful transformational
anchor with words and imagery.  The sustainability of
any change is ultimately up to the client and the
visceral, visual and auditory anchoring of the shifts
accomplished in the session is a therapeutic tool which
Agnes handles with expert care.  I have worked with
her both in person and extensively on the phone, which
I have found equally beneficial.  She is able to connect
empathetically to gracefully bridge the gap of miles
making sessions both convenient and extremely relaxed
as I don't have to drive any where afterwards.   I whole-
heartedly recommend Agnes to anyone who is looking
for a fierce advocate and supportive guide on the
journey to freedom.
Blessings and many thanks! -Debby, 2007

Your approach is very effective and impressive. I
appreciate your professionalism and experience.

Dr. Nanci Shanderá, Spiritual Teacher, 2009
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