Sessions are typically 1:50 mns. Each session starts with an
interview to determine where you are at, your aim and purpose.
This is why the more specific you are when you come for your
session, the more results you'll get. Ask yourself: What do you
want to change or improve in your life? What is causing you
pain or discomfort? How committed are you to your own
The first interview is going to be longer so we can determine
together if there are several areas you want to work on, and their
order of priority. Indeed, we will focus methodically on one area
at a time, although experience shows that working on one can
throw light on another as we are ultimately human beings
holding intertwined nets of beliefs, behaviors and feelings.

Once we have determined the purpose of this particular session, I
guide you in a state of deep relaxation where your
logical/analytical mind will remain present and in control, but a
spectator of the process. We ordinarily, (right now as I am
writing this article and as you are reading it) use only 11% of our
brain faculties. The other 79%, the “subconscious”, is “enabled”
at different frequencies, theta waves, used in the hypnotic state.
During the session, your habitual mind (the logical/analytical
mind) will remain aware and will remember what happens, but
it will become more receptive to the powerful resources of your
subconscious mind which may have been forgotten, censured,
discarded as “not making sense”. My role as a hypnotherapist is
to help you trust these infinite resources of healing that are in
yourself, to facilitate your access to that other part of your brain
where your healing is possible.

You are the expert of your own healing, you have the answers.
My role is to guide you there, guide you to your own precious
answers, like a fisherman steering a boat on the vastness of your
subconscious to guide you to where the good fish is.

During this process, you will receive messages, insights and
guidance from your subconscious regarding the source of your
problem, the solution to your improvement, the healing of your
discomfort or pain. Hard to believe? Yes, the analytical mind can
be skeptical that its 11% brain capacity is not all there is. I can
only share with you that you will receive these insights. Don't
believe me; verify it from your own experience.

Once this guidance is received, I will help you to make a precious
link from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind
through anchoring this insight, the solution, the healing in your
logical mind so that you can make these insights practical and
meaningful in your everyday life. Once the healing has occurred,
your psychological territory becomes virgin land again, and we
can make new tracks on the virgin snow for you to follow. The
logical/analytical mind that lies on the "surface" is overwhelmed
with thousands of tracks as shallow as those on an asphalted
highway, bombarded with information from the media, books,
technical and intellectual information that doesn’t pertain to you
and therefore doesn’t help your specific issue.
The new tracks that are traced on your refreshed and renewed
psyche at the end of a session can have a profound impact on
your life, on the way you think, on the way you behave, on the
way you feel.
Your active participation is required for you to apply your
insights into your life.
This last 150 years have disempowered you from your own
healing abilities, we have accepted to surrender it to the experts,
to the pharmaceutical pills, to somebody external to our own
experiences. It doesn't work that well.
With Alchemical Hypnotherapy, you are empowered again to
take responsibility to your own healing, because you can. Your
well-being comes from your being well. My role is to facilitate
that for how long you need me as a mid-wife, once you are born,
you don’t need me anymore.
For a free 10 minutes consultation or
to schedule a session, email
or call 530 2779513
For a free 10 minutes consultation
or to schedule a session, email
or call 530 2779513