Agnes is originally from France, where she studied psychology and linguistics at La Sorbonne University, Paris before moving to California in 1989. Her urge to move to California to discover alternative psychological methods to heal people in distress was in great part fueled by her witnessing of her elder brother’s psychological suffering; he eventually committed suicide in 1992. Having been too young at the time to be of significant help, she determined to continue exploring the spirit-mind-heart-body relationship to help people find more balance, harmony, well-being, communication and purpose in their lives.


In 2006 she was called to the transforming profession of Alchemical hypnotherapist after witnessing the death of two dear friends in a fatal car accident, the consequent PTSD of a third survivor, and her relentless and patient effort to help him regain more stability. Since then, she has helped many clients come back to balance and experience a significant increase in well-being through the combined benefits of Carl Jung’s alchemical processes, and Milton Erickson and David Quigley’s hypnotherapy techniques (healing through your own subconscious mind).


Agnes regularly assists in hypnotherapy training at the Alchemical Institute of Hypnotherapy in Santa Rosa CA, and continues to expand her education with CMR® (Cellular Memory Release) workshops. As a Hypnobirthing practitioner, she uses the pervasive benefits of hypnosis to dehypnotize pregnant women from fear and tension in her Mongan Method® workshops. Agnes has a practice in the Bay area, in Nevada City, and in Yuba City - at Spa Therapy!