Session and Product Payments

Regular sessions are 1:50 to 2 hours long as I
long term healing in the mind, body and future
life of my clients.

I recommend you support your healing between
sessions with a personalized CD based on the
current session. I offer it for a flat fee of $20 to
compensate for editing time.

Hypnotherapy is a fast therapy and yet most
presenting issues require deepening and a
follow-up over several weeks or months. At the
end of the first session I am able to recommend a
minimum number of sessions for you to reach
your aim. I offer a special price for a series of six
sessions over 3 months.

Remember how we created "unconsciously"our own old
groove, like an old record playing in our head "I am stupid",
"I can never do this", "I can never relax", etc.
hypnotherapeutic process works optimally with
repetition of a new message, the message emanating from
new resources emerged from the therapeutic session.
Listening everyday,
in the state of hypnosis, to your healing
message, will strengthen your new path towards permanent
And I want permanent healing for you...
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more information or call me at

530 2779513