Call me at (530) 277-9513
so I can assess if a phone session is a
good option for you.
Sessions are one hour and 45
minutes; you will need a quiet
undisturbed space and a good
phone line with a
headset and
Sessions are also available in
Spanish  and in French!

"There are roads and journeys to be taken where a hand is
needed and a guiding voice is whispering support and
encouragement. Anyes held my hand and with her voice
walked with me along the stories hidden in the depth of my
being, to reveal the gifts long in the soil of my life. I am
deeply grateful for the loving and caring presence provided by
Anyes and her unwavering energy throughout the process of
self discovery and realization. " Katia Aoun Age, Redland, CA

Agnes is a skillful, compassionate and Spirit-guided therapist,
who has ushered me though several dark passages into
liberation.  Her clarity and tenacity to getting to the core of
the issue during the interview paves the way for a very
focused and productive session.  Perhaps one of her most
lasting gifts to any client is her ability to set a powerful
transformational anchor with words and imagery.  The
sustainability of any change is ultimately up to the client and
the visceral, visual and auditory anchoring of the shifts
accomplished in the session is a therapeutic tool which Agnes
handles with expert care.  I have worked with her both in
person and extensively on the phone, which I have found
equally beneficial.  She is able to connect empathetically to
gracefully bridge the gap of miles making sessions both
convenient and extremely relaxed as I don't have to drive any
where afterwards.   I whole-heartedly recommend Agnes to
anyone who is looking for a fierce advocate and supportive
guide on the journey to freedom.
Blessings and many thanks! -Debby
Agnès is an international therapist
with clients in North America,
Europe and South America.
Phone sessions are equally efficient
if meeting in person is not a
convenient option.