My own testimony
A new heart

It started in the redwoods, when I
asked David Quigley who was seating
across the picnic table “Do you believe
that heart disease has psychological
roots?” “Yes” said David "it is well
known and has been proven”.

Well, after a few weeks of training in
Alchemical hypnotherapy with David, I
was open to the idea that yes, a few in-
depth journeys into my subconscious
might help with my heart condition and
when David asked for a volunteer for a
somatic healing session which would
involve psychic surgery, I thought “let's
go for it, what do I have to lose?”.

Back in 1990, when I was only 29
years old, I experienced what is called
a TIA or transient ischemic attack. As I
was driving up hill to a country
restaurant, my right foot suddenly didn’
t respond to my pressing on the
accelarator’s pedal and the car started
rolling backwards until I realized the
right part of my body was not
responding and that I had to use my
left foot to slam the break pretty fast.

I was driven to emergency room, asked
a ton of questions, heard a nurse say
“so young !”) and went through a cat
scan and an heart scan. After two
hours, the right part of my body was
working again and it had been
discovered that the small clot that
appeared in my brain was caused my a
condition of mitral valve prolapse, a
small valve in my heart having the
wrong shape causing palpitations,
arrythmia, irregular flow of blood and
consequently, high risk of clots. It was
also found that I had a heart murmur.
I was told that about 8% of the
American population has a mitral valve
prolapse, just to live with it and take an
aspirin every morning and that I would
be fine.

So, yes I lived with it pretty well over
the past 17 years, waking up in the
middle of the night from “panic scenes”
to find out my heart was beating like
crazy or woken up by the absence of
the familiar beat, feeling that’s it, it’s
the end, when suddenly not hearing or
feeling any heart beat for a couple of
seconds that feel like ten minutes.

So I had nothing to lose by laying on
this mat in front of David, and also, I
had a powerful session a few days
before with another hypnotherapist,
Zandria, a session which aim was to
find out if the fact that I was born at 6
months 27 days rather than 9 months
old, had any effect on my present life.
In that session, I relived my birth,
relived my anger at witnessing a bunch
of feverous and agitated medical staff
trying to get me out of the womb when I
did NOT want to come out, I felt «  I
don’t have enough time ! ».

So we went on a journey, a journey to
heal my heart. Through David’s
precise and clear guidance, I entered
a trance and accessed a different field
of perceptions. In that field, small tiny
delicate baby hands (mine?) started to
reconstruct my heart, healing tissues,
mending my heart with lotus flower
sap, yes, this is what my Inner Healer
chose, a substance looking like liquid
mother-of-pearl repairing the life-long
damage, strenghtening my heart and
its walls and giving it the smooth and
beautiful flexible texture of a lotus
flower.  The session lasted about 2
hours that felt more like 20 hours and
when I got up, I felt something I never
felt before, my whole circulatory
system fully and simultaneously
spreading each branch and
ramification in my whole body which felt
like wholly made of water.

During the whole training, I missed my
3 hours weekly yoga and my fast walks
up hill in nature that I started to do
several years ago to keep my heart
somewhat fit.
Two days after the end of training, I
went on a fast uphill half-an-hour walk
with my friend Linda.  Guess what:  I
had no palpitation, no arrythmia, no
short-of-breath experience. This was a
few years ago, and my heart is as
regular as can be, I have not had any
waking up at night with palpitation nor
slowing down of my heart. I still have a
cynic inside of me, but she doesn’t
touch my heart...

The firm and supportive voice of my
Inner mate keeps wispering to me in
stressful situations: “relax your heart
and breathe deeply”.

Agnès Cartry, Certified Hypnotherapist.

My practice, Heal yourself! operates in
Grass Valley and Yuba City and in the
Bay area, California . You can contact
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