I met Anyes when I found out I had a degenerative mitral
valve in my heart, and the valve was stage 4 on a scale of
1 to 4. I just found out at age 50 I would need to have open
heart surgery to repair or replace my heart valve.  I have
the best cardiologist in the world and he told me this valve
could only be fixed surgically, it is not something that
could get better on its own.  So I was evaluated at UC
Davis, and I qualified for open Heart surgery.  I was going
in for an echo every 3 months with the cardiologist.  We
chose to wait on surgery, because I wasn't having
symptoms. I was determined to not have surgery if
possible, so I set up a phone session with Anyes, and
started listening to my amazing hypnosis daily with my
inner guide sewing up my heart valve with gold thread,
and magical honey bees. I went in 6 months later (August
2014) for my heart echo, and to talk with my cardiologist
about my heart surgery. While the ultrasound technician
was doing my echo, he asked me why I was there, I told
him I was supposed to be getting open heart surgery to fix
my heart valve, and he said from what he could see, my
heart valve was working great, and a week later I met
with my Cardiologist, the physicians assistant came into
the room with a big smile, and she said my heart valve
was actually getting better, and the doctor didn't need to
see me.  This is something that has never happened, they
said i have less than a 1% chance of it healing on its own.  
My cardiologist said to keep doing whatever I was doing
and to come back in 6 months. I just had my 6 month
exam, and the doctor said that we don't need to have an
echo this time, and he will now see me in 6 months (March
2016).  I know without a doubt that the hypnosis I listen
to from Anyes is actually healing my heart valve.  Anyes's
beautiful, healing, french accent makes it so pleasant to
listen to, and she is such an amazing, kind and loving
person to work with. I would highly recommend her to
anyone in the some position as me, or anyone that might
need some self help with any aspect of their lives.

JM, Santa Rosa, 12/21/15
There have been at least 6 incidences in which I told one
of my Dr's that something was wrong in my body.  I told
them what I thought it was.  They dismissed it each is the
NOT LED ME ASTRAY!  I am getting the chills as I
write this.

You are a TRULY gifted therapist with a beautiful soul.
Many thanks.

Linda R., NY
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