Next Series of 4 in May 2017 from 6 to 7:30 pm, Harvest the wisdom of your dreams

I am hosting a live intimate circle limited to 6 dreamers to help harvest the wisdom of our
My approach is Alchemical: Through deep listening and attentive questioning, we elicit the
wisdom of your dreaming psyche to slowly uncover  its message. The approach is
interactive and feminine, as we understand the texture of the psyche's language is subtle
and indirect. This is a 4-Fridays series that needs a bit of preparation. I will send you tools
to prepare after sign-up, email or call for questions!  
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NEW! Getting ready for the next online
Dream Harvesting series in May (2017!
Sign up now as we want an intimate
circle holding  6 dreamers!
Gather, Dreamers!
NEW! Series of 4 Wednesdays - June 28 to July 29 2017
  From 6:45 to 8:45 pm Pacific time, Nevada City
Harvest the wisdom of your dreams

I am pleased to be hosting soon a new intimate Dream
Harvesting® series limited to 6 dreamers; this series of 4 sessions
will be held at Inner Path in Nevada City. What a wonderful
way to connect to your Inner Heart, a Valentine for yourself and
a different kind of entry door into the winter nights.

I am into guiding you, dreamers, to massage the language of the
dream and lead you to your own innermost knowing. Rather
than telling what a symbol means or may mean, I am passionate
about leading you through a process of conversation with the
dream, so that you become more intimate with what that symbol
represents for you. There is a universal language that deserves to
be understood by practicing the conversation; yet, owning an
Italian dictionary doesn't equate knowing how to speak Italian.
We will empower the experience of insight, unveil the immense
wisdom of the deep mind. A dream is ultimately, not about a
rational recipe that fits all, but an intimate lovemaking with a

Reserve here by clicking on Buy Now. The harvesting 'liveline'
reservation is open until June 27 ! See you there, in a deep way.
Call 530 2779513 for info or email
Virtual workshop and Nevada City
Workshop coming May 2017! :
Elemental balancing.

530 2779513 for info or email
As a Certified Somatic Healing Instructor, I facilitate
small group Somatic Healing Training. This group
healing training and practice train high sensitivity
and focus on the mind-body connection); they are  
highly powerful as participants are taught and guided
to jointly channel universal healing energies to restore
the receiver's well-being and self-healing potential.
This is ideal when a friend, companion or partner
wants to help their loved one heal faster on an every
day basis.
530 2779513 for info or email